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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fall 2014

MW 4

Chase Anderson
Elizabeth Barnett
Kayla Cooper
Nicole Cumbo
Lindsey Donald
Ellen Dunn
Andrea Fust
Josh Garrett
Heather Howton
Faith Kennedy
Jessica Mayo
Lauren McCarroll-Branyon
Kaitlyn McLarty
Edna Montgomery
Alex Odell
Coley Stephens
Marcus Thomas
Justin Thompson
Heather Trawick
Amanda Vaughan
Carissa Watford
Isaac Wiggins
Raven Williams

TTh 11

Bailey Adams
Monica Aldridge
Brooke Allen
Logan Alvarez
Taylor Anglado
Jerica Baker
Shelby Begley
Christina Chapman
Jennifer Cole
Julie Cornelson
Kyle Faxlanger
Madeline Files
Caleb Fleming
Savannah Gossett
Courtney Hall
Kayle Hayes
Robin Hinson
Marie Howard
Ashlyn Hubbard
Janae Ivory
Shelby Lynn
Cortnee Meyers
Kela Miller
MeLeah Miller
Erica Mixon
Lauren Parker
Taylor Parker
Kyle Parrish
Aimee Perkins
Emily Rodrick
Macy Roe
Kim Smith
Sammi Taylor
Callie Thames
Justin Thomas
Kenneth Tuggle
Tiffany Wake
Javious Williams

TTh 2

Laura Andrews
Hannah Armstrong
Shira Bell
Tyeshay Biggs
Mia Britton
Shelby Courtney
Kellie Cuhaj
Ashton Dykes
Makia Ghsid
Felicia Grantham
Taylor Gray
Candace Harris
Jessica Harris
Paula Holt
Arneetia Johnson
Julie Jones
Courtney Lawson
Eric Leddick
Lauren Lee
Breanna McCormack
Ronni Nall
Robert O'Berry
Paige Odom
Frederick Perry
Ross Reed
Sydney Reeves
Patrick Rhodes
BreAna Riley
Lacey Roach
Sterling Spencer
Ashley Stacey
Sabrina Stapleton
Amber Swindle
Hunter Tallent
Jessica Thompson
Natalie Thomson

W 6
Noah Armstrong
Callie Barton
Sarah Byrd
Kelia Fagan
Hollie Faulkner
Jennifer Flowers
Alex Grow
Brittney Henderson
Tori Hudson
Maura Hutson
Katie Jester
Meagan Jones
Melissa Keeler
Jordan Landers
Chelsie Lowery
Shayla McCorvey
Patrick Morrison
Kathryn Ortmann
Jennifer Parker
Emily Parmer
Chelsea Powers
Porscha Sellers
Daniel Taylor


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  2. I just want to thank all the students who have been commenting on my middle school students' blogs in Germantown, Wisconsin. They have been so thrilled to hear from your students! It has been awesome feedback, and we hope to continue the feedback going both ways! Thanks so much! Chris DeBuhr, literature and language teacher